Scaleless Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys nudus Allen & Erdmann 2012

A Scaleless Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys nudus, at the Low Isles, near Port Douglas, Queensland, depth 15m on a rubble slope below the outer reef . Source: Sue Churchill & Rogan Draper. License: All rights reserved

A small brownish shrimpgoby, the first dorsal fin tall with long filaments on the first four spines, a mostly brown head, anterior body and first dorsal fin, posterior two-thirds of body tan to pale brown with white and brown marbling and three brown bars, brown median fins, and blue streaks on the anal fin. 
Video of Tomiyamichthys nudus.
Known from the Low Isles near Port Douglas, Queensland.

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Scaleless Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys nudus Allen & Erdmann 2012

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Known in Australia from the Low Isles near Port Douglas, Queensland.
Inhabits sandy areas, sharing a burrow with an alpheid shrimp.


Dorsal fin VI +  I, 10; Anal fin I,10; Pectoral fin 15; Vertebrae 26. 
Body depth pelvic-fin origin 5.4 in SL; scales absent from head and body; gill opening extending forward to level of middle opercle; first four dorsal-fin spines filamentous, first spine the longest, 2.1 in SL; caudal fin elongate with rounded posterior margin; reduced pattern of cephalic sensory pores B', C, D, F and H' including preopercular canals M' and N.


The specific name nudus is from Latin meaning naked, in reference to the lack of scales on the head and body.

Species Citation

Tomiyamichthys nudus Allen & Erdmann 2012, Reef fishes of the East Indies: 1178, Figs. 1-6. Type locality: Narrow passage between Guam and Waigeo Island at western end of Kabui Bay, 0°25.770'S, 130°33.457'E, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia, depth 8 m.


Bray, D.J.

Scaleless Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys nudus Allen & Erdmann 2012


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Quick Facts

Depth:3-20 m

Fishing:Aquarium fish

Habitat:Reef associated, sand/rubble areas

Max Size:3.5 cm SL

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