Genus C sp 2 (in Gomon et al. 2008)

Slender Clingfish, Genus C sp. 2. Source: Barry Hutchins / Western Australian Museum. License: All rights reserved

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Genus C sp 2 (in Gomon et al. 2008)

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Endemic to the southern coast of Western Australia. Inhabits seagrass beds.


Dorsal fin 5-6; Anal fin 7-10; Caudal fin (approx) 10-12; Pectoral fin 15-17; Pelvic fin I, 4; Vertebrae 39. 
Body elongate; caudal peduncle moderately long, slender. Head slightly depressed; snout of moderate length, tapering to a point; eyes of moderate size; lips narrow; mouth small, reaching to below front part of eye, lower jaw much shorter than upper; teeth small, conical; no spine laterally on head; gill openings large, lateral. No scales or lateral line. 
Single short dorsal fin located posteriorly widely separated from caudal fin; anal fin similar to and opposite dorsal, neither fin with anterior rays swollen at base; caudal fin rounded. Pectoral fin rounded, no fleshy pad on lower portion of base. Pelvic fins united into small ventral sucking disc, consisting of anterior and posterior halves, posterior edge with fleshy fringe.


Males greenish with brown streaks and blotches along sides, and row of brown spots along midline of back; dark brown line along side of snout through eye to preopercular border; dorsal fin yellowish with large brown blotch. Female brownish with darker line along midside and indications of dark cross bars on back, each bar enclosing dark spot on midline of back.

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CAAB Code:37206028

Max Size:3 cm TL


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