Bembradium roseum Gilbert 1905

Bembradium sp, from off north Western Australia, July 2007, NMV A 29717-007, depth 230 m. Source: Dianne J. Bray / Museums Victoria. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

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Bembradium roseum Gilbert 1905

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Off north Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Indo-west-central Pacific.


Bray, D.J. 2018

Bembradium roseum Gilbert 1905


Gilbert, C.H. 1905. Section II. The deep-sea fishes. In Jordan, D.S. & Evermann, B.W. The aquatic resources of the Hawaiian Islands. Bulletin of the U. S. Fish Commission [for 1903] 23(pt 2): 577-713, Pls. 66-101. See ref at BHL

Gloerfelt-Tarp, T. & Kailola, P.J. 1984. Trawled Fishes of Southern Indonesia and Northwest Australia. Jakarta : Dir. Gen. Fish. (Indonesia), German Tech. Coop., Aust. Dev. Ass. Bur. 406 pp.

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CAAB Code:37287805

Depth:138-800 m

Max Size:11 cm SL

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