Ocellate Glidergoby, Valenciennea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett 1839)

Other Names: Long-finned Goby, Ocellate Glider Goby, Ocellated Goby, Ocellated Gudgeon, Teardrop Sleeper-goby

A pair of Ocellate Glidergobies, Valenciennea longipinnis, at Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Source: Mark Shepherd / Lizard Island Research Station. License: CC by Attribution

A pale glidergoby with about five dark widely-spaced spots along the midline, two deep pinkish stripes on the cheek and gill cover, and paler wavy pink stripes along the back. 

Ocellate Glidergobies are usually seen in monogamous pairs, often near their burrow. They feed by sifting small invertebrates from mouthfuls of sand. 

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Ocellate Glidergoby, Valenciennea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett 1839)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428282

Behaviour:Construct burrows

Depth:2-30 m

Fishing:Aquarium fish

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:18 cm SL

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