Thinbar Shrimpgoby, Amblyeleotris stenotaeniata Randall 2004

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Thinbar Shrimpgoby, Amblyeleotris stenotaeniata Randall 2004

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Great Barrier Reef, NE of Cape Cleveland, Queensland. Elsewhere, the species is known from New Caledonia and Taiwan. Inhabits muddy sand and rocky areas with little live coral.


Dorsal fin VI+I,13; Anal fin 1,14; Pectoral fin 19; Vertebrae 25.
Pelvic fins joined at base by a very short membrane, without a frenum; fifth pelvic ray longest, branched once, the branches not separated. Longitudinal scale series 81; median predorsal scales extending to above middle of preopercle. Gill opening extending forward to a vertical about one-half orbit diameter behind eye. Mouth moderately large, the maxilla reaching to between verticals at posterior edge of pupil and rear edge of orbit. Body depth about 5.5 in SL; head length 3.75 in SL; the upper jaw length 2.5 in HL; third dorsal spine longest, 2.25 in HL; caudal fin pointed and long, 2.4 in SL. 


Body pale tan (under magnification yellow with small pale blue spots), shading to white ventrally, with a narrow brownish red bar from nape onto opercle and four more on body, each on body in centre of a diffuse light brown bar the edges of which are darker yellowish brown on about ventral half of each bar; upper half of each pale interspace with four or five small dark brown spots, an oblique dark brown line behind upper half of eye; a vertically elongate dark brown spot extending upward from posterior end of maxilla; dorsal fins dusky yellow with irregular dark-edged blue spots; a bright yellow spot distally on each soft dorsal membrane, rimmed below by a black-edged blue arc; anal fin with a white band at base; caudal fin with blue rays, yellow membranes with brownish red lines, and a brownish red arc at base.


The specific name stenotaeniata is from the Greek 'stenos' meaning narrow, and 'taeniatus' meaning banded, in reference to the narrow oblique dark bars on the body of this species.

Species Citation

Amblyeleotris stenotaeniata Randall 2004, aqua, J. Ichthyol. Aquat. Biol. 8(2): 74, figs 10-11. Type locality: Canala Bay, eastern side, point at southern end of d'Amata Bay, northeastern coast of New Caledonia, depth 10-12 m.


Bray, D.J. 2016


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Thinbar Shrimpgoby, Amblyeleotris stenotaeniata Randall 2004


Chen, I-S., Shao, K.-T.  & Chen, J.-P. 2006. Two new species of shrimp gobiid, Amblyeleotris (Teleostei: Gobiidae), from the West Pacific. Journal of Natural History 40: 2555-2567.

Randall, J.E. 2004. Five new shrimp gobies of the genus Amblyeleotris from islands of Oceania. aqua, Journal of Ichthyology and Aquatic Biology 8(2): 61-78. 

Randall, J.E. 2005. Reef and shore fishes of the South Pacific. New Caledonia to Tahiti and the Pitcairn Islands. Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press 707 pp.

Quick Facts

Behaviour:Shares burrows with alpheid shrimps

Depth:10-20 m

Habitat:Reef associated, mud/sand/rock areas

Max Size:7 cm SL

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