Common name: Ghost Sharks, Ratfishes, Shortnose Chimaeras



Shortnose Chimaeras or ghost sharks have short rounded snouts, long tapering tails, large pectoral fins and a robust dorsal-fin spine with a venom gland at the base. Males have large claspers or intromittent organs associated with their pelvic fins, plus a small clasper on the forehead. 

Shortnose chimaeras live near the bottom and reach more than a metre in length (including the caudal filament). They feed on a range of fishes and invertebrates.

Kemper et al. (2015) provide a key to species of the genus Chimaera found in Australia and New Zealand.

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Family Taxonomy

More than 35 species in two genera are known from continental shelf and slope waters worldwide. Ten described species in two genera are known from Australian waters, and all are treated in Last & Stevens (2009).


Dianne J. Bray


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