Common name: Giant Sea Basses, Hapuku, Wreckfishes

Large, long-lived fishes with a general perch-like appearance. Wreckfishes were previously placed in the Serranidae, Epinephelidae and Percichthyidae, prior to their placement in their own family by Roberts (1986). 

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Family Taxonomy

A small family comprising 2 genera and 4 species. A single genus Polyprion with 2 species occurs in Australian waters.

Family Distribution

Found in subtropical and temperate seas of the world, usually below 100 m.

Family Description

Dorsal fin rays XI-XII, 10-13; base of soft dorsal fin about half length of spinous fin base. Vertebrae 26-27. Interorbital broad, each frontal bone sculptured with radiating and transverse bony ridges.

Family Commercial

Although wreckfishes are only of minor commercial importance in Australia, they are important food fishes in New Zealand.

Family Remarks

Key to Australian species of Polyprion (by Clive Roberts)

1    Body depth >35% SL; pectoral fin length 44-50% HL; side of body uniform colour in adults (mottled in pelagic juveniles)……………………..…………Polyprion americanus

      Body depth <30% SL; pectoral fin length 35-44% HL; side of body countershaded colour in adults (oblique bands in pelagic juveniles)……………………….Polyprion oxygeneios


Dianne J. Bray & Martin F. Gomon


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