Common name: Remoras



These hitchhikers of the sea are unique in having the spinous dorsal fin modified into a remarkable sucking disc on top of the head.

Remoras usually attaching themselves to sharks, rays, billfishes, other large bony fishes, marine mammals and turtles.

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Family Taxonomy

A small family with eight species in three genera. Seven species in three genera are known from Australian waters. A key to species can be found in Collette (1999). The studies of O'Toole (2002) and Gray et al. (2009) both include the previously recognised genus Remorina in the synonymy of Remora.

Family Distribution

Found worldwide in tropical to temperate waters of all oceans.

Family Size

Maximum length to 1 metre.

Family Feeding

Remoras feed on scraps of food from the meals of their hosts, on parasitic copepods found on their host species, and on fecal material from their host.


Dianne J. Bray


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