Common name: Mi Mi, Rabbit Fish, Rabbitfishes, Spinefoot


Inshore tropical and subtropical marine fishes inhabiting reefs, lagoons, mangrove and seagrass areas. Species feed on algae and micro-organisms scraped from corals and rocks. Siganids play an important role in helping prevent reefs from being smothered by algae.
The fin spines of all species have well-developed venom glands that can inflict painful injuries.Species found on coral reefs are usually brightly coloured, often with ornate patterns.

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Family Taxonomy

Family Distribution

Distributed across the Indo-Pacific, Red Sea and the Mediterranean. 

Family Reproduction

There is a within-family dichotomy between speciesthat form loosely associative schools as adults and those that form stable, territorial pairs [9]. For the14 species that pair as adults, the evolutionary advantage of pairing has yet to be established. It hasbeen assumed that pairs consist of a male and female that mate together over multiple reproductiveseasons, but with species exhibiting no obvious external sexual dimorphism and with next to nothingknown about their reproductive behaviour (


Dianne J. Bray


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