Common name: Cichlids


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Family Taxonomy

A non-native Australian family, the Cichlidae comprises approximately 105 genera and around 1,300 species (Nelson 1994), with at least eight genera and 17 species reported from Australian waters. Cichlids are noted for having several examples of major radiations into species flocks in several African rift lakes.

Family Distribution

Family Commercial

Cichlids are well established in the aquarium trade and some have been deliberately introduced as food fishes in many parts of the world.

Family Remarks

Cichlids are popular aquarium fishes and a large number of species are found in the aquarium trade. Accidental and intentional releases occur (McKay 1984) frequently. Introductions of exotic fishes in tropical regions of Australia have had adverse effects on native fishes (Arthington et al. 1983).


Gomon, M.F. 2015


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