Common name: Beardfishes


Family of small- to medium-sized bottom-dwelling fishes with a conspicuous pair of barbels inserted below the middle of the lower jaw.

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Family Taxonomy

Small family with a single genus and 10 species; two species known from Australian waters.

Family Distribution

Worldwide in tropical and temperate waters except the Northeast Pacific and Mediterranean Sea; benthic on soft and semi-hard substrates on outer continental and upper slope waters at 180-650 m.

Family Description

Body moderately elongate and compressed, head and eyes moderately large, snout high; mouth large, jaws slightly inferior, reaching posterior margin of eye or beyond, jaws with bands of villiform teeth; two long barbels extend from hyoid bone below middle of lower jaw. Single dorsal fin continuous, origin before midbody, with spinous anterior part; anal-fin origin far back on body; pectoral- and pelvic-fin bases in anterior half of body before dorsal-fin origin, pelvic fins subabdominal, origin behind that of pectoral fin; caudal fin forked. Scales spinoid, present on head and body. Branchiostegals 4; supramaxillae 2.

Family Size

to 50 cm.

Family Feeding

Carnivores, feeding on fishes, squid and crustaceans.

Family Reproduction

Presumed oviparous; nothing known of reproduction, eggs unknown; postflexion larvae and juveniles described, hyoid barbels present in postflexion larvae as unpigmented fleshy thickenings; metamorphosis from 4 mm.

Family Commercial

Not targeted, but common in some areas and caught as bycatch in commercial fisheries.


Dianne J. Bray


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