Genus Reicheltia

A monotypic genus with the following combination of characters: nasal organ with two small, almost equally sized openings; eye rim completely adnate; top of pectoral fin base below lower margin of eye, ventrolateral skin fold present; shallow caudal peduncle (least  depth > 9.5 x in SL); prefrontals moderately large, rounded, each with a small olfactory nerve foramen; frontals wide over orbit; sphenotic not contacting supraoccipital; triturating teeth absent; spines restricted to nape and belly. The species has a ventrolateral skin fold, a dorsally flattened body, with a completely adnate eye that is level with or slightly interrupting the dorsal profile.
Author: Bray, D.J. 2021

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Bray, D.J. 2021, Reicheltia in Fishes of Australia, accessed 20 Apr 2024,


Hardy, G.S. 1982. Two new generic names for some Australian pufferfishes (Tetraodontiformes : Tetraodontidae), with species redescriptions and osteological comparisons. The Australian Zoologist 21(1): 1-24 figs 1-6 See ref at BHL