Genus Chauliodus


A genus of distinctive deep-sea fishes with huge fang-like teeth. The slender compressed body is covered with 5 rows of hexagonal areas each having one or more small photophores (areas interpreted as scales by some authors) and is encased in a gelatinous luminescent membrane.

Dorsal and ventral adipose fins present; dorsal fin with a short, distinctly elevated base well forward on back entirely in advance of pelvic fins, first ray greatly prolonged, nearly half body length in some and tipped with light organs; anal fin close to tail.

Each side of lower jaw with 5–9 fang-like teeth; 4 fang-like teeth on either side of the premaxillae, each tooth piercing the opposing jaw when the mouth is closed; very small chin barbel in young, reduced or absent in adults; pectoral fin of moderate size, close to gill opening; pelvic fin elongated, at or in front of mid-body.

The genus contains 6 species found worldwide at mesopelagic depths. Some species undergo a daily vertical migration (Kenaley et al. 2008). Additional information on Chauliodus can be found in Morrow (1961), Gibbs & Hurwitz (1967) and Parin & Novikova (1974).

Author: Dianne J. Bray & Martin F. Gomon

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