Genus Hime

A genus of threadsails with the following characters (from Gomon et al. 2013):

Dorsal fin 15–17 rays; Pectoral fin 10–12 (mostly 11) rays; Vertebrae 40–43; Lateral line scales 39–43.

Head moderately large, length 29.7–33.7% SL; snout short, 7.9–9.9% SL and 25.8–30.3% HL; eye moderately large 7.1–10.8% SL and 22.5–35.5% HL; predorsal of moderate length 34.4–37.1% SL; anal fin to anus 11.7–15.7% SL; pyloric caeca present or absent. Nasal flap arising from septum between anterior and posterior nasal openings lanceolate. Teeth in jaws short canines, in about two to four rows; about two rows of small canines on palatines and traversing vomer. 

Dorsal fin originating just in advance of vertical through pelvic fin origin, dorsal fin base of moderate length, 28.6–32.6% SL, height variable with distinct sexual dimorphism in form in most species, second to fifth rays longest, 20.4–51.5% SL, subsequent rays progressively shorter or subequal, posterior lobe reaching between little more than half way to hypural crease in females to almost reaching hypural crease in males; length of dorsal fin base 1.34–1.98 times distance from dorsal fin insertion to origin of adipose fin; distinct sexual dimorphism in form of anal fin in most species with fin usually distinctly larger in males than females, posterior lobe variably reaching much less than half way to hypural crease in females and nearly to hypural crease in some males; caudal fin with deep fork, shortest rays at middle of fin little more than a third length of longest rays to corners; ray on ventral edge of caudal fin without fleshy covering; pectoral fin origin just in advance of vertical through dorsal fin origin; first four rays of pelvic fin slightly thickened and cylindrical with a fleshy dermal covering distally in large individuals. 

Males and females usually have separate colour patterns, males often have a distinct broad yellow stripe on the anal fin that is absent in females.
Author: Martin F. Gomon

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Gomon, M.F., Struthers, C.D. & Stewart, A.L. 2013. A new genus and two new species of the Family Aulopidae (Aulopiformes), commonly referred to as aulopus, flagfins, sergeant bakers or threadsails, in Australasian waters. Species Diversity 18: 141–161.