Genus Lovettia


Genus with a single species, Lovettia sealii, endemic to southeastern Australia. Body slender, moderately compressed, dorsal fin origin above or just behind ventral fin origin; dorsal fin high, distal margin rounded; caudal fin forked with short but distinct peduncle flanges; anal fin longer based than dorsal; pectoral fins long and narrow; head long and slender; snout long and acute; eye set high in head; mouth oblique; jaws conspicuous, lower protruding; jaw teeth uniserial, restricted to premaxilla and dentary; mesopterygoid teeth strong, uniserial; lingual teeth biserial; gill rakers long and slender.

Lovettia sealii is the only species in the Family Galaxiidae to possess an adipose fin, and to show strong sexual dimorphism. 

Author: Tarmo A. Raadik

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