Genus Marilyna

A genus of pufferfishes with the following combination of characters: broad, heavily-built body; nasal organ with two unequally sized openings; eye  rim completely adnate; top of pectoral fin base above lower margin of eye weak ventrolateral skin fold present on caudal peduncle; deep caudal peduncle (least depth 4 9.5 x in 5L); prefrontals large and broadly rounded, each with an extensive olfactory foramen, and in broad contact with palatine; frontals wide over orbit; sphenotic in contact with supraoccipital. 
Etymology: "The genus is named after my wife Marilyn, who spared no efforts in bibliographic research throughout my studies on Australian tetraodontids, and who assisted uncomplainingy at poison stations in the hot, muddy, and potentially dangerous mangrove swamps of North Queensland."
Author: Bray, D.J. 2020

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Hardy, G.S. 1982. Two new generic names for some Australian pufferfishes (Tetraodontiformes : Tetraodontidae), with species redescriptions and osteological comparisons. The Australian Zoologist 21(1): 1-24 figs 1-6