Common name: Bonefishes, Ladyfishes
Bonefishes or Ladyfishes live in most shallow, warm seas. The order comprises a single family, with two genera and about 11 species. A single genus, Albula, with two species are known from Australian waters.

Bonefishes are relatively slender, with a long snout, a heavy adipose eyelid and a gular plate, a bone found between the lower jaws of primitive bony fishes.

They grow to more than a metre in length and have an extended leptocephalus larval stage, suggesting a relationships with the eels.

They feed on bivalve molluscs, squid, shrimp and other fishes. Although they are a highly-prized fighting fish, they are not a good eating because of the very bony flesh - hence their common name.

Author: Dianne J. Bray

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