Common name: Marine smelts and their allies

A primitive group of deep sea fishes, with two suborders, the Alepocephaloidei (slickheads and allies - Alepocephalidae, Bathylaconidae and Platytroctidae), and the Argentinoidei (marine smelts - Argentinidae, Microstomatidae and Opisthoproctidae).

Members of the group share a number of osteological and other internal characters. They have no fin spines, the dorsal fin is behind the middle of the body and the upper jaw margin is formed from both the premaxilla and the maxilla.

They also share a complex structure called the crumenal organ (or epibranchial organ), a paired structure formed from the last two gill arches and the front of the oesophagus. Food particles are trapped in the crumenal organ and held there by large gill rakers.

Authors disagree on the composition and relationships of this group, sometimes placing argentiniform families, plus the galaxiids and retropinnids in the Osmeriformes (see Eschmeyer & Fong 2012). Others (Lavoué et al. 2008; Poulsen et al. 2009) have elevated the suborder Alepocephaloidei to the order Alepocephaliformes.

Author: Dianne J. Bray

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