Cryptic Bearded Goby, Barbuligobius boehlkei Lachner & McKinney 1974

Other Names: Bearded Goby

A Cryptic Bearded Goby, Barbuligobius boehlkei, at Fremantle, Western Australia, February 2019. Source: Glen Whisson / License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A small pale tan goby six brown saddles along the back, a row of five horizontally elongate black spots along the midside, a row of smaller dark spots along the lower side, and many elongate, fleshy barbels and flaps on the head.

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Cryptic Bearded Goby, Barbuligobius boehlkei Lachner & McKinney 1974

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Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, to the Monte Bello Islands, Western Australia, and McCluer Island, Northern Territory, to the northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific.
Inhabits sand-rubble areas, often in surge channels or on the exposed outer edge of reefs, burrowing into sand adjacent to the reef.


Dorsal fin VI + I, 8-9; Anal fin 8-9; longitudinal scale series 23-25. 
Body depth 5.6-6.3 in SL; numerous, elongate, fleshy barbels and flaps on head;  pelvic fins relatively long, united, extending beyond anal fin; caudal fin rounded. Scales absent from nape, cheek, opercle, breast and anterior body.


Light tan with row of five horizontally elongate black spots along middle of side; presence of row of smaller dark spots along lower side of body; nape, back and upper caudal peduncle with six brown saddles.


Barbuligobius boehlkei may comprise more than one species in Australia.


The species is named in honour of James E. Böhlke of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, who collected some of the specimens.

Species Citation

Barbuligobius boehlkei Lachner  & McKinney 1974, Copeia 1974(4): 871, figs 1-4. Type locality: Southwestern shore off Ch'uan-fan-shih, Taiwan, 21°55.8'N, 120°48.8'E, depth 4.6-6.4 m.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Cryptic Bearded Goby, Barbuligobius boehlkei Lachner & McKinney 1974


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CAAB Code:37428062

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:1-15 m

Habitat:Reef associated,sand areas

Max Size:2 cm SL

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