Bluespotted Mudskipper, Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus McCulloch & Waite 1918

Other Names: Blue-spotted Mud-hopper, Goggle-eyed Goby

Bluespotted Mudskipper, Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus, at Port Hedland, Western Australia, August 2012. Source: Conrad Savy / License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial

A greenish-brown mudskipper covered in with small iridescent blue speckles, a greenish first dorsal fin with bluish-white spots, and a greenish second dorsal fin with vertical rows of blue spots between the spines. 

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Bluespotted Mudskipper, Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus McCulloch & Waite 1918

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Northern Australia from Cossack, Western Australia, to the Daintree River, Queensland; also in Papua New Guinea. Inhabits tidal mudflats, often near the pneumatophore zone in mangrove forests.


The specific name caeruleomaculatus is from Latin meaning 'pale blue-spotted, in reference to the numerous blue speckles on head and body of this species.

Species Citation

Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus McCulloch & Waite 1918, Rec. S. Aust. Mus. 1(1): 79, pl. 8(1). Type locality: Adelaide River, NT.


Dianne J. Bray


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Bluespotted Mudskipper, Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus McCulloch & Waite 1918


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CAAB Code:37428073



Habitat:Estuaries, mudflats, mangroves

Max Size:16.5 cm SL

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