Spotted Tinselfish, Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi Gilchrist 1922

A Spotted Tinselfish, Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi (length 75 mm SL), collected in July 2011 from the Caribbean Sea, depth 497-500m . Source: Sandra J. Raredon / Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Division of Fishes. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

An extremely compressed silver tinselfish with a tiny upturned mouth and vertically elongate scales. Juveniles have a number of irregular spots on the sides, and an extremely elongate spine in the dorsal and anal fins.

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Spotted Tinselfish, Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi Gilchrist 1922

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NW of Perth to off Rowley Shoals, Western Australia, and ESE of Cape Tribulation, Queensland, to SE of Point Hicks, Victoria. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Atlantic and Indo-west Pacific oceans.


Of no interest to fisheries.


  • EPBC Act 1999 : Not listed
  • IUCN Red List : Not listed
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    • Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi Gilchrist 1922, Report. Fisheries & Marine Biological Survey, Union of South Africa 2: 73, pl. 12(1). Type locality:  off Natal Coast, South Africa, 29°57'S, 31°14'E; 29°43'S, 31°22'E; 29°48'S, 31°22'E, depth 70-226 fathoms.


    Bray, D.J. 2018


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    Spotted Tinselfish, Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi Gilchrist 1922


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    CAAB Code:37265003

    Depth:250-805 m


    Max Size:15 cmTL

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