Larson's Shrimpgoby, Stonogobiops larsonae (Allen 1999)

A female Larson's Shrimpgoby, Stonogobiops larsonae, at Frazer Island, Hervey Bay, Queensland, depth 15m on sand. Source: Sue Churchill & Rogan Draper. License: All rights reserved

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Larson's Shrimpgoby, Stonogobiops larsonae (Allen 1999)

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Known in Australia from the Kimberley Coast, Western Australia, and from near Cairns and  Hervey Bay, Queensland. Inhabits silty areas.

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Myersina larsonae Allen 1999, Rev. Franç. d'Aquariol. Herpétol. 26(1–2): 49, figs 1-3. Type locality: east side of Cassini Island, Kimberley coast, WA. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Larson's Shrimpgoby, Stonogobiops larsonae (Allen 1999)


Allen, G.R. 1999. Myersina larsonae, a new species of goby (Pisces: Gobiidae) from north-western Australia. Revue Française d'Aquariologie et Herpétologie 26(1–2): 49-51 figs 1-3 

Hoese, D.F. & Larson, H.K. 2006. Family Gobiidae. pp. 1612-1697 in Beesley, P.L. & Wells, A. (eds). Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Volume 35 Australia : ABRS & CSIRO Publishing Parts 1-3, 2178 pp.

Winterbottom, R. 2002. A redescription of Cryptocentrus crocatus Wongratana, a redefinition of Myersina Herre (Acanthopterygii; Gobiidae), a key to the species, and comments on relationships. Ichthyological Research 49(1): 69-75.

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