Ornate Slippery Goby, Lubricogobius ornatus Fourmanoir 1966

Other Names: Ornate Goby

An Ornate Slippery Goby, Lubricogobius ornatus, in Lembeh Strait, northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Source: Mark Erdmann, in Allen & Erdmann 2016 Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 24: Fig. 7, http://www.oceansciencefoundation.org/josf/josf24c.pdf. License: CC by Attribution

A tiny orange goby with pale blue lines radiating from the eye, a blue line running from the nape onto the gill cover, and no keels on the dorsal and ventral edges of caudal peduncle.

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Ornate Slippery Goby, Lubricogobius ornatus Fourmanoir 1966

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Inhabits sandy, silty and rubble bottoms, sheltering in dead shells, worn tubes, tunicates and empty cans and bottles.


Dorsal fin VI-I, 8-10; Anal fin I, 6-7; Pectoral fin 20.
Anterior nostrils present; dorsal and ventral edges of caudal peduncle without keels; caudal fin rounded; pelvic fins united with well-developed frenum; scales absent from head and body; sensory pores absent on head, prominent papillae; depth of body 2.9-3.9 in SL.


Orange with pale blue lines radiating from eye and one descending from nape, dividing onto the preopercular margin and opercle.


May be taken in trawls.

Species Citation

Lubricogobius ornatus Fourmanoir, 1966, Bull. Mus. Nat. d'Hist. Nat. 2e 37(6): 958, fig. 2. Type locality: Nha-Trang, Vietnam. 


Dianne J. Bray

Ornate Slippery Goby, Lubricogobius ornatus Fourmanoir 1966


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428184

Depth:18-80 m

Habitat:Reef associated, sandy & silty areas

Max Size:3.4 cm SL

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