Nomura's Dwarfgoby, Trimma nomurai Suzuki & Senou 2007

Other Names: Lilac Pygmygoby

Nomura's Dwarfgoby, Trimma nomurai, on the Birds Head Peninsula, West Papua, Indonesia. Source: Mark Erdmann / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

A pale lilac dwarfgoby with 3 bright yellow stripes along the body, yellow stripes along the dorsal, caudal and anal fins, and a large rounded dark blotch above the pectoral fin.

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Nomura's Dwarfgoby, Trimma nomurai Suzuki & Senou 2007

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Glomar Shoal, North West Shelf, Western Australia, off Ashmore Reef in the Timor Sea, and off North Reef, Queensland, in depths of 80-111 m. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, east-Indo-west-central Pacific: Mayotte, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Palau, Australia, and New Caledonia.
Inhabits areas with coarse sand, rubble and macrophytic algae on relatively deeper reefs than most species of the genus Trimma. Depth range 20-70 m.


Dorsal-fin rays VI-I, 8-9; Anal-fin rays I, 8-9; Pectoral-fin rays 19; Pelvic-fin rays I, 5; Caudal-fin segmented rays 9+8, branched rays 6+5; Longitudinal scales 22-23; Anterior transverse scales 6-6.5; Posterior transverse scales 5-6.5; Predorsal scales 5-6; P-V 3/II II I I 0/9; vertebrae 10+16=26; Gill rakers 4+11.
Predorsal scales 5-6; second spine of first dorsal fin elongate and filamentous; middle 9-15 (of 19) rays of pectoral fin branched; fifth pelvic-fin ray branched, 72-90% of fourth ray in length; height of connecting membrane between innermost pelvic-fin rays 28% of length of fifth ray; interorbital and postorbital trenches deep; longitudinal scales 22-23; opercular scales absent.


The species is named nomurai for Mr. Tomoyuki Nomura, who collected the holotype.

Species Citation

Trimma nomurai Suzuki & Senou 2007, Bull. Nat. Mus. Nat. Sci. Series A Supplement 1: 180, figs 3-4. Type localiity: Nakanose-higashi, le-jima Island, Okinawa Group, Ryuku Islands, Japan. 


Bray, D.J. 2020


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Nomura's Dwarfgoby, Trimma nomurai Suzuki & Senou 2007


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CAAB Code:37428429

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:20-110 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:2 cm SL

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