Silver Catfish, Porochilus argenteus (Zietz 1896)

Other Names: Central Australian Catfish, Silver Eeltailed Catfish, Silver Tandan

Silver Catfish, Porochilus argenteus. Source: Dave Wilson / Aquagreen. License: All rights reserved

A pale, silvery-white catfish with yellowish-orange fins.

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Silver Catfish, Porochilus argenteus (Zietz 1896)

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Known only from throughout the Lake Eyre drainage and Lake Woods, NT; tropical; benthic; usually inhabiting turbid waterholes of larger rivers over sand or rock bottoms.


Meristic features: Dorsal fin I, 4; 2nd Dorsal + Caudal + Anal finrays 120; Pectoral fin I, 7.

Body slender, tapering posteriorly; head broad, flattened; head-snout profile concave; eyes relatively low set on side of head; tail pointed; lateral line continuous; anterior nostrils above upper lip.

Scales absent, body covered in smooth skin. First dorsal small, with one sharp spine and 4 soft rays; 2nd dorsal fin confluent with anal and caudal fins, originating near posterior-most part of body; caudodorsal fin base length less than 10% of SL.


Maximum size to 35 cm, commonly to 20 cm.


Pale, silvery-white overall with yellowish-orange fins.


Likely to feed on molluscs, crustaceans, insects and worms.


Little is known of the biology of this species. The species likely spawns during flooding and undertakes substantial migrations, either as adults and/or juveniles. Individual fish can be sexed by the shape of their urogenital papilla: those of females are short and flat, whereas in males, the papilla is longer and pointed.

Species Citation

Plotosus argenteus Zietz 1896, Report Horn Scientific expedition. Part 2. Zoology. London: 410. Type locality: Cooper Creek near Innamincka, central Australia.


Martin F. Gomon

Silver Catfish, Porochilus argenteus (Zietz 1896)


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CAAB Code:37192008

Habitat:Turbid freshwaters

Max Size:35 cm


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