Largescale Saury, Saurida undosquamis (Richardson 1848)

Other Names: Brushtooth Lizardfish, Checkered Lizardfish, Large Scale Grinner, Large-scaled Grinner, Large-scaled Saury, Saury

A Largescale Saury, Saurida undosquamis, at Cabbage Tree Island, Port Stephens - depth 9 m. Source: Dave Harasti / License: All rights reserved

There is confusion as to the distribution of this species as many specimens in Australia have been misidentified. Russell and Smith-Vaniz (2016) consider the Largescale Saury to be endemic to northwestern Australia.

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Largescale Saury, Saurida undosquamis (Richardson 1848)

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Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, to the Gove Peninsula, Northern Territory (Russell & Smith-Vaniz 2016). Inhabits sandy and muddy areas adjacent to reefs.


Feeds on fishes, crustaceans, and other invertebrates.

Species Citation

Saurus undosquamis Richardson 1848, Zool. Voyage of H.M.S. Erebus and Terror 1839–43 Vol. 2: 138, pl. 51(1-6). Type locality: coast of north-western Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Largescale Saury, Saurida undosquamis (Richardson 1848)


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CAAB Code:37118001

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:1-200 m

Habitat:Reef associated, sand/mud areas

Max Size:40 cm SL


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