Blackspot Gurnard, Lepidotrigla umbrosa Ogilby 1910

Syntype of the Blackspot Gurnard, Lepidotrigla umbrosa. Source: Mark Allen / Australian Museum. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

A poorly known gurnard with a black spot on the first dorsal fin.

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Blackspot Gurnard, Lepidotrigla umbrosa Ogilby 1910

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Repulse Bay, Queensland, to Disaster Bay, southern New South Wales.

Similar Species

The Blackspot Gurnard, Lepidotrigla umbrosa, is remarkably similar to Lepidotrigla spinosa, which occurs at similar depths off the southern coasts of South Australia and Western Australia.

Species Citation

Lepidotrigla umbrosa Ogilby 1910, Endeavour Series No. 1 23: 120. Type locality: between Double Island Point and Pine Peak, Queensland; Hervey Bay; depth 12-25 fathoms.


Dianne J. Bray


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Blackspot Gurnard, Lepidotrigla umbrosa Ogilby 1910


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CAAB Code:37288029

Depth:11-31 m

Habitat:Soft bottom


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