Frillgill Conger, Blachea xenobranchialis Karrer & Smith 1980

A congrid eel characterized by the free ends of three branchiostegal rays that protrude from the membrane in front of the gill opening, and by the large, cavernous lateral line with pores reduced in number and arranged in dorsoventral pairs.

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Frillgill Conger, Blachea xenobranchialis Karrer & Smith 1980

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Recorded in Australia from W of Dorre Island to E of Scott Reef, Western Australia, and the Coral Sea off Queensland (NE of Cape Melville to E of Innisfail). Elsewhere, widespread in the Indo-Pacific. Trawled from soft bottom habitats on the upper continental slope.


Vertebrae: 158–160 total vertebrae, 81–84 precaudal vertebrae and 75–79 caudal vertebrae.


The genus is named Blachea for J. Blanche, in recognition of his many contributions to the knowledge on anguilliform fishes, both adults and larvae. The species name xenobranchialis is from the Greek xenos (= strange) and branchos (= gill), in reference to the unique free branchiostegals of this species.

Species Citation

Blachea xenobranchialis Karrer. & Smith, 1980, Copeia 1980(4): 643, figs 1-6. Type locality: Mozambique Channel. 


Dianne J. Bray

Frillgill Conger, Blachea xenobranchialis Karrer & Smith 1980


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37067010

Depth:280-445 m

Habitat:Benthic, soft bottom

Max Size:48 cm TL

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