Australian Tilefish, Branchiostegus australiensis Dooley & Kailola 1988

Illustration of an Australian Tilefish, Branchiostegus australiensis. Source: FAO / FishBase. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A red tilefish becoming silvery white on the sides and belly, 

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Australian Tilefish, Branchiostegus australiensis Dooley & Kailola 1988

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Off shark Bay to off the North West Cape, Western Australia, and the Arafura Sea, NNE of Cape Don, Northern Territory.  The species may also occur in Summatra, Indonesia. Inhabits soft sediment areas on the continental shelf.


Dorsal fin VII, 15; Anal fin II, 12; Pectoral fin 18; Pelvic fin I, 5; Caudal fin (principal rays) 9+8 = 17; Caudal fin (procurrent rays) 12+10; Cheek scales from preopercular angle to orbital rim 8; Opercular scale rows 7; Scales above lateral line ~ 7 (some lost); Scales below lateral line 23; lateral line (pored scales) to hypural crease 48, +3 on tail; Gill rakers 9+14 (two are rudimentary); Vertebrae 10+14.


Caudal-fin margin double emarginate, the fin with dark lower lobe and 2 central yellow stripes; 2 silvery or golden areas extending from suborbital rim to near upper jaw; snout top of head, and upper body red; sides and belly silvery white; a black upper margin along pectoral and soft dorsal fins; upper spinous dorsal-fin membrane with a thin yellow margin; raised predorsal ridge black. 


The species is named australiensis in reference to Australia, the country of the type-locality.

Species Citation

Branchiostegus australiensis Dooley & Kailola 1988, Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 35(3): 253, fig. 2H, 3. Type locality: south-east of Shark Bay, Western Australia, 26°21'S, 112°35'E, depth 164-170 m.


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Australian Tilefish, Branchiostegus australiensis Dooley & Kailola 1988


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CAAB Code:37331002

Depth:165-230 m

Habitat:Soft sediment areas

Max Size:36 cm SL

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