Brilliant Lightfish, Polymetme illustris McCulloch 1926

Illustration of a Brilliant Lightfish, Polymetme illustris. Source: McCulloch 1926 Report on some fishes obtained by the F. I. S. "Endeavour". License: Public Domain

A lightfish with a dark brown back distinctly separated from the silvery sides, and a blackish gill cover.

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Brilliant Lightfish, Polymetme illustris McCulloch 1926

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Coral Sea, east of Cape Tribulation, Queesland, to off Gabo Island, Victoria, and west to Great Australian Bight, Western Australia.
The species is benthopelagic at depths to more than 800 m.


Dorsal fin 10–12; adipose; Anal fin 27–31; Pectoral fin 9–11; Pelvic fin 7; Gill rakers 18; Branchiostegal rays 12–14.Photophores: ORB 1, OP 3, SO 1, BR 9–10, IV 21, VAV 7–8, AC 18, IC 50–52, OA 9–10.  
Body depth 15–18% SL; head length 21–26% SL; eye diameter 4–6% SL.  Length: to 26 cm.  


Feeds mainly on zooplankton, especially crustaceans.


The specific name is from the Latin illustris (= bright, brilliant, lighted or lustrous), possibly in reference to the silvery sides ("Brown above, silvery on the sides; the  junction of the two colours sharply defined."), or the serial photophores along the lower side.

Species Citation

Polymetme illustris McCulloch 1926, Biol. Results ‘Endeavour’ 5(4): 167, Pl. 45 (fig. 1). Type locality: Great Australian Bight southwest of Eucla, Western Australia, 350–450 fms.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Brilliant Lightfish, Polymetme illustris McCulloch 1926


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CAAB Code:37106027


Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:230-822 m


Max Size:15 cm SL


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