Closefin Pearlfish, Echiodon anchipterus Williams 1884

Closefin Pearlfish, Echiodon anchipterus. Source: Jeffrey T. Williams / Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Division of Fishes. License: All rights reserved

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Closefin Pearlfish, Echiodon anchipterus Williams 1884

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Recorded in Australia from off Sydney to south-east of Tasmania. Found elsewhere in the  tropical and temperate, Western Pacific.


Pectoral fin 15-16; total nasal lamellae 22; Cephalic sensory pore system, IO 9. LT 6, MD 5, POP 3. SO 5, ST 3; Branchiostegal rays 7; Precaudal vertebrae 19–21.

Snout rounded, projecting slightly beyond upper jaw; mouth oblique, upper jaw extending beyond posterior margin of eye; eye elliptical, diameter equal to snout length; interorbital width half eye diameter; anterior nostril small, circular, halfway between snout tip and front margin of eye; opercular spine short, exposed through an elliptical slit in skin; gill rakers longest gill raker almost equal to interorbital width.
Dorsal-fin origin slightly behind vertical from tip of pectoral fin; anal-fin origin below pectoral-fin base; pectoral fin shorter than postorbital length of head; pelvic fins absent. Scales absent, lateral line a well-developed, continuous tube.

Species Citation

Echiodon anchipterus Williams, 1984, Copeia 1984(2): 415, figs 1A, 4. Type locality: Visayan Sea, south-west of Caduruan Point, Philippines [11°35'45"N, 123°55'32"E].


Dianne J. Bray

Closefin Pearlfish, Echiodon anchipterus Williams 1884


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CAAB Code:37229014

Depth:0-79 m

Max Size:17 cm TL

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