Blackedge Conger, Bathycongrus retrotinctus (Jordan & Snyder 1901)

Other Names: Randall's Conger
A pale brown somewhat silvery conger with abruptly paler sides, a pale pectoral fin, mostly pale dorsal and anal fins becoming black posteriorly, and a black tail tip.

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Blackedge Conger, Bathycongrus retrotinctus (Jordan & Snyder 1901)

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SW of Rowley Shoals, Western Australia, depth 331-336 m. Elsewhere, the species occurs in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.


Body moderately elongate, tail slender, attenuated at tip; snout bluntly pointed, protruding beyond tip of lower jaw. Dorsal-fin origin slightly behind anterior-most insertion of pectoral fin to above middle of adpressed fin. Preanal lateral line pores 29-32.


In preservative: Head and body pale brown above, with a much paler belly, a black caudal fin and a pale pectoral fin.


The specific name retrotinctus is from the Latin retro (= behind) and tinctus (= dyed) in reference to the black tail tip of this species.

Species Citation

Leptocephalus retrotinctus Jordan & Snyder 1901, Proceedings of the United States National Museum 23(1239):853, fig. 6. Type locality: Tokyo market, Japan.


Bray, D.J. 2023


Atlas of Living Australia

Blackedge Conger, Bathycongrus retrotinctus (Jordan & Snyder 1901)


Ben-Tuvia, A. 1993. A review of the Indo-west Pacific congrid fishes of genera Rhynchoconger and Bathycongrus with the description of three new species. Israel Journal of Zoology 39(4): 349-370 (described as Bathycongrus randalli, type locality Philippines)

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CAAB Code:37067036

Depth:181-545 m

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