Longfin Garfish, Euleptorhamphus viridis (Hasselt 1823)

Other Names: Long-beaked Garfish, Long-finned Garfish, Longfinned Halfbeak, Ribbon Halfbeak

Longfin Garfish, Euleptorhamphus viridis. Source: Ken J. Graham / NSW Fisheries. License: All rights reserved

An extremely slender garfish with a  slender, compressed ribbon-like body, and an extremely long lower jaw that may be as long as half the standard length. They are greenish-blue above, silvery below with transparent fins. 
Longfin Garfish can leap from the water and glide above the surface to evade predators, using their fins as wings. Although often mistaken for flying fishes of the family Exocoetidae, Longfin Garfish lack pelvic fins, and instead rotate their rear body by 90 degrees and use their wide dorsal and anal fins. Read more here.

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Longfin Garfish, Euleptorhamphus viridis (Hasselt 1823)

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Albany, south Western Australia, around the tropical north to about Batemans Bay, southern New South Wales; also reefs in the Coral Sea, and Elizabeth Reef and Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea. Elsewhere, the species occurs in the tropical, temperate Indo-west Pacific.
Longfin Garfish are usually seen near the surface in the open ocean, especially around islands, although they are known to enter large bays.


Dorsal fin 21-25; Anal fin 20-25; Pectoral fin 8-9; Gill-rakers (first arch) 5-9 + 18-23 = 25-33; Vertebrae 69-75. Body very elongate; lower jaw very prolonged, length up to half SL; upper jaw short, triangular, scaled; teeth present on vomer and tongue; pectoral fins long; pelvic fins absent. 

Similar Species

Differs considerably from other Australian garfish  species in having a long compressed ribbon-like body, very long pectoral fins, and a very long lower jaw.

Species Citation

Hemiramphus viridis Hasselt 1823, Algemeene Konst- en Letter-Bode 2(35): 131. Type locality: Vizagapatam, India; Java, Indonesia.


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Longfin Garfish, Euleptorhamphus viridis (Hasselt 1823)


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CAAB Code:37234015

Depth:0-5 m


Max Size:53 cm TL

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