Krefft's Snaggletooth, Astronesthes kreffti Gibbs & McKinney 1988

Illustration of the holotype of Krefft's Snaggletooth, Astronesthes kreffti, ISH 839/71, female 128.4 mm, from the South Atlantic Ocean. Source: J.R. Schroeder, Fig. 3 (top), in Gibbs & McKinney (1988) Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 460: i-iii + 1-25. License: Public Domain

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Krefft's Snaggletooth, Astronesthes kreffti Gibbs & McKinney 1988

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Off South East Cape, Tasmania. Elsewhere the species is circumglobal in southern waters.


Dorsal fin 15-17; Pectoral fin 8; Photophores: VAV 25-27; OV 19-21; VAL 25-27; total groups of gill teeth on first arch 14-17, usually 16 or fewer; branchiostegal photophores 21-23; total vertebrae 61-63, usually 62 or 63. In specimens longer than 100 mm SL: head length 18.8-21.0% SL; length of swollen barbel tip 3.9-6.8% SL. Barbel tip cylindrical (almost spheroidal in the smallest specimens), without a small convexity at distal end. Luminous patches, when developed, including one extending dorsoventrally for most of length of operculum; large specimens with scattered spots on sides.


The species is named in honour of Dr. Gerhard Krefft, who enabled the senior author to participate in the cruise whereon the species was first recognized.

Species Citation

Astronesthes kreffti Gibbs & McKinney 1988, Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 460: 6, fig. 3. Type locality: South Atlantic, 39°55'S, 26°02'W, depth 0-200 m.


Bray, D.J. 2019


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Krefft's Snaggletooth, Astronesthes kreffti Gibbs & McKinney 1988


Gibbs, R.H. & McKinney, J.F. 1988. High-count species of the stomiid fish genus Astronesthes from the southern subtropical convergence region: two new species and redescription of Cryptostomias (= Astronesthes) psychrolutes. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 460: 1-25, open access

Parin, N.V. & Borodulina, O.D. 2003. Phylogeny, systematics, and zoogeography of the mesopelagic genus Astronesthes (Astronesthidae, Stomiiformes). Journal of Ichthyology 43(8): 557-576.

Stewart, A.L. & Kenaley, C.P. 2015. Family Stomiidae, 68 Subfamily Astronesthinae, pp. 471-486 in Roberts, C.D., Stewart, A.L. & Struthers, C.D. The Fishes of New Zealand. Wellington : Te Papa Press Vol. 2 pp. 1-576.

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CAAB Code:37108019


Depth:to 805 m


Max Size:25 cm SL

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