Glover's Tasmangoby, Tasmanogobius gloveri Hoese 1991

Other Names: Glover's Tasman Goby, Marine Goby

Glover's Tasmangoby, Tasmanogobius gloveri, at Port Arlington, Port Phillip, March 2020, depth 1.5 m. Source: Andrew Green / iNaturalist. org. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A pale brown goby with a single broad brown stripe from the snout through the eye to the upper part of the caudal peduncle (or 2-3 wavy horizontal stripes merging into a broad brown stripe), a pale midlateral stripe interspersed with squarish brown blotches, and about six short brown bars across the back. 
Glover's Tasmangoby has large eyes close together near the top of the head, and a short rounded snout.

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Glover's Tasmangoby, Tasmanogobius gloveri Hoese 1991

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Corner Inlet, Victoria, to Streaky Bay, South Australia, and throughout coastal Tasmania.
Inhabits shallow estuaries on silty sand or muddy substrates, often in burrows.


Dorsal fin VI + 13-15; Anal fin 12-14; Caudal fin (segmented rays) 17; Pectoral fin 19-21; Pelvic fin I, 5; Vertebrae 12+15.
Body moderatelv robust, depth at anal origin 14.4-18% SL: depth at pelvic origin 16.2-20.5% SL; head slightly compressed; eyes relatively large, about equal to snout length, positioned close together near top of head; gill openings restricted to pectoral-fin bases; head pores absent.
Body partly scaled with cycloid scales; no scales ventrally on belly, narrow area immediately behind pectoral base and area before a line from behind middle of pectoral base to below posterior end of first dorsal fin; scales on sides of belly vertically elongate. Gill rakers on outer face of first arch triangular, raker at angle of first gill arch slightly shorter than upper gill filaments. First dorsal fin long based, with membrane connecting to base of second dorsal fin origin. 


Species in the genus Tasmanogobius lack scales on the head.


The species is named for John Glover, former Curator of Fishes at the South Australian Museum.

Species Citation

Tasmanogobius gloveri Hoese 1991, Memoirs of Museum Victoria 52(2): 364, figs 3-4. Type locality: American River, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.


Gomon, M.F. & Bray, D.J. 2020


Atlas of Living Australia

Glover's Tasmangoby, Tasmanogobius gloveri Hoese 1991


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428261

Depth:0-10 m

Habitat:Sandy, muddy areas

Max Size:6.5 cm TL


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