Kuiterichthys pietschi Arnold 2013

Kuiterichthys pietschi, from off Crowdy Head, New South Wales. Source: Rachel Arnold. License: All rights reserved


A small anglerfish recently described from off eastern Australia.  Kuiterichthys pietschi resembles the Rough Anglerfish, K. furcipilis, in having a long second dorsal-fin spine and close-set bifurcate (divided) spinules covering the body.

In preservative this species is light brown, paler below, with darker brown marbling and a broad pale band behind the middle of the body. The esca or lure is a single tapering structure with filaments along the sides and a dense cluster of slightly longer filaments arising from the base.

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Kuiterichthys pietschi Arnold 2013

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Endemic to New South Wales, from southeast of Evans Head, to off  Broken Bay, New South Wales, at depths of 60–89 m.


In preservative: Body light brown with darker brown marbling, underside lighter; a wide light vertical band posterior to midpoint of body; caudal-fin rays with light brown spotting, interradial membranes clear; paired fins light brown to dark brown dorsally, light ventrally; dorsal, anal, and caudal fins of some
specimens with light bands.

Colour in life unknown.

Similar Species

Differs from Kuiterichthys furcipilis in having a slightly shorter second dorsal-fin spine, 20 vs 21 vertebrae, 10-11 vs 13 dorsal-fin rays, and 7-8 vs 8-10 pectoral-fin rays. K. pietschi also lacks a spot at the dorsal-fin base, has no complicated pattern of interconnecting white lines and the lure has a different shape.


Named pietschi in honor of Theodore W. Pietsch of the University of Washington,
Seattle, in recognition of his many contributions to the evolutionary biology of lophiiform fishes, and for his dedication to guiding and inspiring future generations of ichthyologists.

Species Citation

Kuiterichthys pietschi Arnold, 2013, Zootaxa 3718(5): 496, figs 1-2. Type locality: Crowdy Head, New South Wales, 31.9°S, 152.9°E.


Dianne J. Bray

Kuiterichthys pietschi Arnold 2013


Arnold, R.J. 2013. A new species of frogfish of the genus Kuiterichthys (Lophiiformes: Antennariidae: Histiophryninae) from New South Wales. Zootaxa 3718(5): 496–499. PDF

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37210031

Biology:"Fishing lure" on head

Depth:60-90 m

Habitat:Bottom dweller

Max Size:3.2 cm SL


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