Indian Parrotfish, Chlorurus capistratoides Bleeker 1847

Other Names: Pink-margined Parrotfish

An initial phase (female) Indian Parrotfish, Chlorurus capistratoides, at Bali, Indonesia. Source: John E. Randall / FishBase. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

Males of this small pinkish-green parrotfish have a pink margin on the gill cover, pink bars or spots on the scales, pectoral fin with a yellowish base and a red upper margin, bluish-green bands on the head and a pinkish cheek. Females are dark greyish to brownish-grey with 4-5 whitish bars on the sides, a pale snout, and a pink tail.

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Indian Parrotfish, Chlorurus capistratoides Bleeker 1847

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Recorded in the Australian region from Ashmore Reef, Timor Sea, and Cocos (Keeling) and Christmas islands in the Indian Ocean. Elsewhere, the species occurs in the tropical Indo-west Pacific.
Either solitary or in small groups in sheltered to moderately exposed environments on reef flats and outer reef slopes.

Species Citation

Scarus capistratoides Bleeker, 1847, Natuur. Geneesk. Archief voor Neêrl. Indië 4(2): 162. Type locality: Jakarta [Batavia], Java.


Dianne J. Bray

Indian Parrotfish, Chlorurus capistratoides Bleeker 1847


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CAAB Code:37386041

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:5-15 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:35 cm TL

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