Toothed No-line Scorpionfish, Phenacoscorpius adenensis Norman 1939

Other Names: Toothed No-line Scorpionfish

A Toothed No-line Scorpionfish, Phenacoscorpius adenensis. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: All rights reserved

A scorpionfish with a rounded black blotch, smaller than the eye diameter, on the spinous part of the dorsal fin. Some specimens differ in having an elongate black blotch (wider than orbit diameter) and a narrow black band on the basal part of the soft-rayed dorsal fin.

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Toothed No-line Scorpionfish, Phenacoscorpius adenensis Norman 1939

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South of Saumarez Reef, Queensland, around southern Australia, to northwest of Perth, Western Australia; also the Lord Howe Rise. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Indo-west Pacific; depth range 139-736 m.


Dorsal fin XII, 8-9; Anal fin III, 5; Pectoral fin 16-18 (middle rays branched in young and adults): Gill rakers 17-21; Pored lateral-line scales 2-8, last pored scale situated from below second to fifth dorsal-fin spine base; Longitudinal scale series about 50 rows.

Pectoral fin with middle rays branched in young and adults; pored lateral-line scales 2-8 (mode 3) with last pored scale situated from below second to fifth dorsal-fin spine base; longitudinal scale series about 50 rows; presence of palatine teeth; distinct nuchal and parietal spines; suborbital spines 3-5 (mode 5); the nape and anterior part of body moderately arched throughout life; relatively short post-nuchal-spine length, 3.2-9.5% (mean 5.7%) of SL; relatively long caudal-fin length, 23.4-30.7% (mean 26.7%) of SL; black spots on posterior half of caudal peduncle 5-37 (mode 8); body of preserved specimens with 4 distinct saddles


The species is named for the type locality: Gulf of Aden.

Species Citation

Phenacoscorpius adenensis Norman 1939, Fishes. Scientific Reports of the John Murray Expedition 7(1): 94, fig. 29. Type locality: Gulf of Aden, northwestern Indian Ocean, station 177, depth 274-366 m.


Bray, D.J. 2023


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Toothed No-line Scorpionfish, Phenacoscorpius adenensis Norman 1939


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CAAB Code:37287139

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:139-736 m

Habitat:Bottom dweller

Max Size:10 cm TL

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