Shaw Galaxias, Galaxias gunaikurnai Raadik 2014

Shaw's Galaxias, Galaxias gunaikurnai. Source: Tarmo A. Raadik. License: All rights reserved

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Shaw Galaxias, Galaxias gunaikurnai Raadik 2014

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Restricted to a small section of the headwaters of Shaw Creek, a tributary of the Caledonia River (Macalister River catchment) in the coastal Gippsland region of Victoria, at an elevation of 1,470 m asl, within the Alpine National Park, Victoria. The location is approximately 4 km (river distance) from the source, which is at 1,580 m asl, in a catchment of approximately 8 km2.
Inhabits a small, cool, clear, alpine creek, flowing through a grassy plain, consisting of pools, glides and riffles, with smaller amounts of small cascades, and with very little shading except that provided by grasses. Substrate consisted of bedrock, boulder, cobble, with smaller amounts of pebble, gravel and coarse sand. Instream cover was provided predominantly by rock and from bank and vegetation (alpine grasses) overhang.


This species is able to survive in very cold water (< 5 degrees Celsius) during winter when the catchment is covered by snow for periods of time.


IUCN: Critically Endangered
Victoria: listed as Threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee (FFG) Act (1988) in Victoria, and Critically Endangered under the Advisory List of Threatened Vertebrate Fauna In Victoria (DSE 2013).
Australian Society for Fish Biology: Critically Endangered

Shaw Galaxias are threatened by predatory alien Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) which are actively moving upstream into headwaters of Shaw Creek. The species may also suffer the impacts of drought, bushfire, sedimentation and ongoing effects of climate change.

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Galaxias gunaikurnai Raadik 2014, Zootaxa 3898(1): 63, fig. 15. Type locality: Shaw Creek, at walking track off Howitt Road at the Gorge, Bennison High Plains, Alpine National Park, Victoria [37°23'39”S, 146°44'51”E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2020


Atlas of Living Australia

Shaw Galaxias, Galaxias gunaikurnai Raadik 2014


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Raadik, T. 2019. Galaxias gunaikurnai . The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2019: e.T122902325A123382116. Downloaded on 05 February 2020.

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Conservation:IUCN Critically Endangered

Conservation:Vic FFG Threatened

Habitat:Freshwater stream


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