Longfinned Dollo’s Plunderfish, Dolloidraco longedorsalis Roule 1913

Illustration of a barbeled plunderfish, Dolloidraco longedorsalis. Source: Roule 1913 Deuxième expédition antarctique française (1908-1910) commande par le Dr. Jean Charcot / Wikimedia Commons. License: Public Domain

Occurs in Australia's subantarctic/Antarctic waters.

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Longfinned Dollo’s Plunderfish, Dolloidraco longedorsalis Roule 1913

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Dorsal fin II-IV + 22-24; Anal fin 13-16; Pectoral fin 17–19; Vertebrae 12–14 + 21– 23 = 34–36.


Bray, D.J. 2017

Longfinned Dollo’s Plunderfish, Dolloidraco longedorsalis Roule 1913


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CAAB Code:37405755

Depth: 99-1243 m

Max Size:12.2 cm TL; 8.8 cm SL

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