Ribbon Goby, Oxyurichthys heisei Pezold 1998

A Ribbon Goby, Oxyurichthys heisei, from Hawaii. Source: John E. Randall / FishBase. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

A pale bluish-white goby with irregular yellowish streaks and large blotches crossing head and nape, dark-margined blue spots on side of head, a pale yellowish stripe and five brown oval blotches along midside, a dark vertical streak along membrane between first and second dorsal-fin spines, and indistinct yellowish bands on the unpaired fins.

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Ribbon Goby, Oxyurichthys heisei Pezold 1998

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Recorded from off Newcastle, New South Wales, in 69-79 m. Elsewhere the species occurs in Hawaii, Borneo, and the Philippines.  A deepwater species taken in trawls to depths of 143 m.


A species of Oxyurichthys with the following diagnostic characters: Dorsal fin VI + I, 12; Anal fin I, 13; Pectoral fin 21–23; Segmented caudal-fin rays 9/8; Branched caudal-fin rays 7/7–8/7; Unsegmented (procurrent) caudal-fin rays 4/4–6/6; Lateral scale count 50–71; TRB 14–23; Predorsal scale count 9–22.
Upper jaw teeth in single row; fleshy tongue rounded; upper lip of equal thickness along entire length, no constriction at premaxillary symphysis; eye without spot, cornification or tentacle on dorsoposterior surface; anterior nares not darkly pigmented; no spots on gular membrane beneath preopercle or anterior process of quadrate; low membranous crest on nape reaching from spinous dorsal origin to above preopercle; scales mostly ctenoid; spines of first dorsal fin not elongate, appressed fin not reaching beyond second or third, second dorsal-fin element; pelvic fins not reaching beyond anus; pelvic fins pigmented most prominently between distal branches of rays.


A deepwater goby taken as bycatch in trawls.


The specific name heisei is Japanese for "peace succeeds" or "realised peace" - the name of the era of Akihito, the Emperor of Japan until 2019. The name was chosen to recognise the many contributions to gobioid systematics made by Emperor Akihito and members of the Laboratory of Ichthyology, Akasaka Imperial Palace, working under his direction.

Species Citation

Oxyurichthys heisei Pezold, 1998, Copeia 1998(3): 687, Fig. 1. Type locality: northwest of Molokai, Hawaiian Islands, 21°14'N, 157°08'W, depth 124 m.


Bray, D.J. 2019


Atlas of Living Australia

Ribbon Goby, Oxyurichthys heisei Pezold 1998


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CAAB Code:37428434

Depth:69-143 m

Max Size:13 cm SL

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