Lagiacrusichthys macropinna (Bussing & Bussing 1966)

Illustration of Lagiacrusichthys macropinna. Source: Bussing & Bussing 1996 Bull. Southern Calif. Acad. Sci. 65(1): Fig 1 / Biodiversity Heritage Library. License: CC By Attribution

A pearleye with a very long anal fin (with 35-39 anal-fin rays), and a small dorsal fin about the same size as the adipose fin with 5-6 rays.
Until the genus Lagiacrusichthys was described, this species was known as Benthalbella macropinna.

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Lagiacrusichthys macropinna (Bussing & Bussing 1966)

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Found in Australia's subantarctic and Antarctic waters. The species is cosmopolitan in the Southern Ocean. Inhabits deep-sea open oceanic environments (meso-bathypelagic) at depths of 610–2750 m.


Lagiacrusichthys is named for a wyvern, a dragon-like creature from mythology, specifically the sea-wyvern Lagiacrus, known for his fierceness and for inhabiting the deep.

Species Citation

Benthalbella macropinna Bussing & Bussing, 1966, Bull. So. Calif. Acad. Sci. 65(1): 53, Fig. 1. Type locality: Scotia Sea, 56°17'S, 58°09'W, Eltanin station 359, depth 0-840 m over 3960-3990 m.


Dianne J. Bray

Lagiacrusichthys macropinna (Bussing & Bussing 1966)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37131751

Biology:Bioluminescent; simultaneous hermaphrodite

Depth:610-2750 m

Habitat:Oceanic, mesopelagic, bathypelagic

Max Size:24 cm SL

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