Elegant Moray, Gymnothorax elegans Bliss 1883

Other Names: Goldsborough's Moray Eel

An Elegant Moray, Gymnothorax elegans, from Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii, January 1970. Source: John E. Randall / FishBase. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A pale yellow to brownish moray shading to a reddish-brown tail, covered in small whitish spots (including the dorsal fin) that coalesce to form irregular bands posteriorly, a dark patch surrounding the gill opening, a white anal fin with a broad reddish-brown basal stripe that continues along the abdomen and thorax to the chin, a narrow white margin on the dorsal fin, and yellow inside the mouth.

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Elegant Moray, Gymnothorax elegans Bliss 1883

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Coral Sea east of Myrmidon Reef to east of Lady Elliot Island, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, Indo-west-central Pacific:  East Africa, Madagascar and western Mascarenes east to Hawaiian Islands and Society Islands, north to Ogasawara Islands, south to Samoa.
Inhabits deep reefs, sometimes sheltering in crevices on steep drop-offs during the day.


Vertebrae 141. Teeth on jaws sharp, uniserial; intermaxillary with a large fang; vomerine teeth uniserial, much smaller than jaw teeth.


Colour in life (from the original description): "... the anterior portion of the body is a pale yellow shading into reddish-brown on the tail; head and body with small white spots round on the body, more irregular in shape on the tail. The dorsal shows only one row of large white spot, the interspaces forming dark vertical bands; anal white, with a reddish brown base continued along the abdomen and thorax to the chin. Gill openings in a black spot; no spot at the angle of the mouth. Inside of the  mouth gamboge yellow; lips pink."


The specific name is from the Latin elegans (=  elegant, fine, select), possibly in reference to the colour pattern of this species.

Species Citation

Gymnothorax elegans Bliss 1883, Transactions of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius 13: 60. Type locality: Mauritius, Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Ocean.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Elegant Moray, Gymnothorax elegans Bliss 1883


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CAAB Code:37060090

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Habitat:Deep reefs

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:65 cm TL

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