Gold-rim Chromis, Chromis circumaurea Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008

A Gold-rim Chromis, Chromis circumaurea, filmed by a submersible in the Marshall Islands, depth 110 m. Source: Richard Pyle & Brian Greene / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

A mahogany to bluish or greyish-brown chromis with a broad bright yellow margin on the spinous dorsal fin, and bright yellow soft dorsal, caudal and anal fins.

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Gold-rim Chromis, Chromis circumaurea Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008

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Outer Great Barrier Reef, Queensland and reefs in the Coral Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in Micronesia, from the Marianas to the Marshalls, to the Caroline Islands and Pohnpei. Inhabits steep drop offs and deep open areas with low coral growth.


Dorsal fin XIV, 12-13, usually 13; Anal fin II, 13-14, usually 13; Pectoral fin 18-19; spiniform caudal rays 3; tubed lateral-line scales 16-17; gill rakers 6-7 + 20-21, total 26-27; body depth 1.68-1.86 in SL. 


The specific name circumaurea is derived from the Latin circum (= around) and aurea (= golden, of gold) in reference to the golden-yellow anal fin, caudal fin, and outer dorsal-fin margin.

Species Citation

Chromis circumaurea Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008, Zootaxa 1671: 15, Figs. 3a-3c. Type locality:  Caroline Islands; Yap, S end; “Magic Kingdom” (9°26'3.41"N, 138°2'5.96"E): among boulders on sloping shelf above deep drop-off, 98–100 m.


Bray, D.J. 2022


Atlas of Living Australia

Gold-rim Chromis, Chromis circumaurea Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008


Pyle, R.L. Earle, J.L. & Greene, B.D. 2008. Five New Species Of The Damselfish Genus Chromis (Perciformes: Labroidei: Pomacentridae) From Deep Coral Reefs In The Tropical Western Pacific. Zootaxa. 3-31.

Sih, T.L., Cappo, M. & Kingsford, M.J. 2017. Deep-reef fish assemblages of the Great Barrier Reef shelf-break (Australia). Scientific Reports 7(10886)

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Depth:98-120 m

Habitat:Mesophotic reefs

Max Size:12.9 cm TL

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