Malthopsis lutea Alcock 1891

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Malthopsis lutea Alcock 1891

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Dorsal fin 5; Pectoral fin 12,
Dorsal surface covered with relatively numerous, small principal bucklers; interspaces between bucklers on dorsal surface naked; skin covered with fine, flat to moderately elevated bucklers on skull and near disk margin; subopercular buckler relatively weak, bearing only short spinelets at its tip; ventral surface sparsely covered with small to medium-size bucklers, naked elsewhere; rostrum short and blunt, directed anterodorsally; membranes above eye with three or four irregular rows of small bucklers; posterior portion of skull with many flattened bucklers, in 4–6 irregular rows; orbit large, 13.6%–16.6% SL; interorbital space wide, 6.0%–7.2% SL; rostrum short, 6.2%–8.1% SL; anal fin reaching caudal-fin base when appressed.


In preservative: uniformly light yellow-brown, irregular ring marks on dorsal surface. Fresh colour unknown.

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Depth:265-470 m

Max Size:6.2 cm SL

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