Bigeye Triangular Batfish, Malthopsis oculata Ho & Last 2021

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Bigeye Triangular Batfish, Malthopsis oculata Ho & Last 2021

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Southwest of Exmouth to northeast of Rowley Shoals, Western Australia. Depth range 184-460 m, mostly between 350 to 420 m.


Dorsal fin 4-6; Pectoral fin 10-13.
Rostrum pointed, needle-like, base small; subopercular buckler with few weakly-developed spinelets; small bucklers loosely covering posterior part of skull; orbit large (14.1%-16.8% SL); rostrum short (7.1%-11.2% SL), directed upward rather than forward; interorbital space is narrow (5.4%-7.1% SL); body covered with relatively sharp bucklers, in loose arrangement; interspaces between bucklers naked; OD/IO = 2.3-2.8, OD/RL = 1.3-2.1; anal fin not reaching caudal-fin base when fully appressed.

Species Citation

Malthopsis oculata Ho & Last 2021, Bulletin of Marine Science 97(1): 193, Figs. 19-22. Type locality: Southwest of Rowley Shoals, North-West Shelf, Western Australia, 17°32'S, 118°50'E, depth 403 m.


Bray, D.J. 2023


Catalog of Fishes

Bigeye Triangular Batfish, Malthopsis oculata Ho & Last 2021


Ho, H.-C., & Last, P.R. 2021. Review of the batfish genus Malthopsis from Australia (Lophiiformes: Ogcocephalidae), with descriptions of five new species. Bulletin of Marine Science 97(1): 165-218

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37212053

Depth:184-460 m

Max Size:7.2 cm SL

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