Beacon Lightfish, Argyripnus pharos Harold & Lancaster 2003

Holotype of the Beacon Lightfish, Argyripnus pharos, BMNH 1986.9.22.41, from off South Java, Indonesia. Source: Fig. 1, in Harold & Lancaster (2003) Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington 116(4): 883-891 / Biodiversity Heritage Library. License: CC by Attribution

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Beacon Lightfish, Argyripnus pharos Harold & Lancaster 2003

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West of Shark Bay to south of Ashmore Reef, Western Australia, and east of Fraser Island, Queensland. Specimens from the Ashmore Terrace (Timor Sea,  390-394m, and off Rowley Shoals (310m) are also likely this species. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific: East Africa to Madagascar, and Indonesia to the Philippines and the Coral Sea (absent from the central Indian Ocean).


Dorsal fin 9-12; Gill rakers 15-16, usually 16, with typically 12 on the ventral limb; Vertebrae 42-44; VAV + ACA  photophores 13-18; VAV + ACA photophore elevation 3.7-6.4% SL.
Moderate in size, with shallow body profile, body depth  24.7-31.9% SL; head large (to 35.1%  SL), lateral profile forming a slightly round ed angle of about 90 degrees, with apex at dentary symphysis; mouth large, oblique.


Argyripnus pharos has been confused with A. brocki, which is endemic to the area around the Hawaiian Islands.


The specific name is from the Greek pharos (= lighthouse, beacon) in reference to the dorsally displaced elements of the VAV + ACA photophore cluster.

Species Citation

Argyripnus pharos Harold & Lancaster 2003, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 116(4): 884, fig. 1. Type locality: Saleh Bay, South Java, Indonesia [8°30'S, 118°00'E (approximate)].


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Beacon Lightfish, Argyripnus pharos Harold & Lancaster 2003


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Harold, A.S. & Lancaster, K. 2003. A new species of the hatchetfish genus Argyripnus (Stomiiformes: Sternoptychidae) from the Indo-Pacific. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 116(4): 883-891 See ref at BHL

Parin, N.V. 1992. Argyripnus electronus, a new sternoptychid fish from the Sala y Gomez Submarine Ridge. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 39: 135-137 (in part, record from north-western Australia is A. pharos)

Struhsaker, P.J. 1973. Argyripnus brocki, a new species of stomiatoid fish from Hawaii, with observations on A. ephippiatus and A. iridescens. United States National Marine Fisheries Service Fishery Bulletin 71(3): 827-836 See ref at BHL (records of Argyripnus brocki from East Africa, Madagascar, northwestern Australia, the Coral Sea, and the Philippines are now considered to represent A. pharos)

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CAAB Code:37107025


Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:100-492 m


Max Size:8 cm SL

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