Wass's Anthias, Odontanthias wassi Randall & Heemstra 2006

Wass's Anthias, Odontanthias wassi, in an aquarium. Source: Yi-Kai Tea. License: All rights reserved

A pink and yellow anthiid becoming paler below, with a large yellow area on the anterior body above the pectoral fin broken by large faint dusky patches below the dorsal fin, four pink stripes on the head, the abdomen and rear of body mostly pink, a mostly yellow dorsal fin with a broad pink to purple margin, the caudal fin mostly pink to purple with a broad yellow band along each lobe.

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Wass's Anthias, Odontanthias wassi Randall & Heemstra 2006

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Holmes Reef in the Coral Sea, Australia, collected by Cairns Marine. Elsewhere the species is known from American Samoa.


Dorsal fin X,16; Anal fin III,7; Pectoral fin 17; Vertebrae 26; Gill rakers 14+31; Lateral-line scales 42. 
Body depth 2.35 in SL; head length (HL) 2.75 in SL; large eye, orbit diameter 3.15 in HL; spine at angle of preopercle extending about half distance to margin of subopercle; vomerine tooth patch arrowhead-shaped; mesopterygoids with a patch of villiform teeth; small scales dorsally on snout nearly reaching base of upper lip; anteriorly mandible scaled nearly to second mandibular pore; caudal fin deeply emarginate, lobes tapering little and not pointed. 


The species is named in honour of Richard C. Wass of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who obtained holotype and presented it to the Bishop Museum.

Species Citation

Odontanthias wassi Randall & Heemstra 2006, Indo-Pacific Fishes 38: 24, Figs. 1M, 6, 10, Pl. VIC. Type locality: Ofu Island, off village, American Samoa, depth about 100 m.


Bray, D.J. 2022


Atlas of Living Australia

Wass's Anthias, Odontanthias wassi Randall & Heemstra 2006


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Randall, J.E. & Heemstra, P.C. 2006. Review of the Indo-Pacific fishes of the genus Odontanthias (Serranidae: Anthiinae), with descriptions of two new species and a related genus. Indo-Pacific Fishes 38: 1-32.

White, W.T. 2011. Odontanthias randalli n. sp., a new anthiine fish (Serranidae: Anthiinae) from Indonesia. Zootaxa 3015: 21-28. https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.3015.1.3

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Habitat:Deep reefs

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:12+ cm SL

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