Papuan Double-lined Anchovy, Stolephorus grandis Hata & Motomura 2021

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Papuan Double-lined Anchovy, Stolephorus grandis Hata & Motomura 2021

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Northern Australia, from Van Diemen Gulf, Northern Territory, to Cairns, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs off Merauke, West Papua, Indonesia.


A species of Stolephorus with the following combination of characters: maxilla rather short, 16.7– 18.2% SL, its posterior tip slightly short of, or reaching to, or slightly beyond posterior margin of preopercle; mandible short, 14.3–15.3% SL; posterior margin of preopercle convexly rounded (not indented); no predorsal scute; prepelvic scutes 3–6; pelvic scute without spine; gill rakers 14–16 in upper series on first gill arch, 21–23 in lower series, 35–39 in total; gill rakers 10–12 in upper series on second gill arch, 18–20 in lower series, 28–32 in total; gill rakers 8–9 in upper series on third gill arch, 10–12 in lower series, 18–21 in total; gill rakers 7 or 8 in upper series on fourth gill arch, 9–10 in lower, 16–18 in total; gill rakers 3–5 on posterior face of third gill arch; transverse scales 8; pseudobranchial filaments 20–27; paired dark patches on parietal and occipital regions; double dark lines on dorsum from occipital region to dorsal-fin origin but absent behind dorsal-fin base; no black spots on suborbital area and tip of lower jaw; head rather short, 22.0–24.0% SL, postorbital length 11.5–12.4% SL; caudal peduncle long, 21.9–23.7% SL; pelvic fin relatively short, 8.3–9.0% SL, depressed pelvic fin not reaching posteriorly to vertical through dorsal-fin origin; distance from snout to pectoral-fin insertion 25.0–27.0% SL; distance from snout to pelvic-fin insertion 42.8–44.4%; dorsal-fin base short, 12.6–14.8% SL; anal-fin base short, 16.0–17.8% SL; third dorsal-fin ray short, 14.8–15.7% SL; third anal-fin ray short, 11.9–13.8%; vertebrae 21–22 + 21–22 = 42–43 (Hata & Motomura 2021).


'The specific name grandis refers to the larger body of the species, compared with similar species.'

Species Citation

Stolephorus grandis Hata & Motomura 2021, Zootaxa 5004(3): 482, Fig. 1. Type locality: Merauke, Papua, Indonesia.


Bray, D.J. 2023


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Papuan Double-lined Anchovy, Stolephorus grandis Hata & Motomura 2021


Hata, H., Lavoué, S. & Motomura, H. 2019. Taxonomic status of seven nominal species of the anchovy genus Stolephorus described by Delsman (1931), Hardenberg (1933), and Dutt and Babu Rao (1959), with redescriptions of Stolephorus tri (Bleeker 1852) and Stolephorus waitei Jordan and Seale 1926 (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae). Ichthyological Research 67(1): 7-38.

Hata, H. & Motomura, H. 2021. Stolephorus grandis, a new anchovy (Teleostei: Clupeiformes: Engraulidae) from New Guinea and Australia. Zootaxa 5004: 481-489.

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Habitat:Pelagic, coastal waters

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