Galathea Deepsea Batfish, Halieutopsis galatea Bradbury 1988

Holotype of the Galathea Deepsea Batfish, Halieutopsis galatea, from the Western Indian Ocean, ZMUC 922207, 55.1 mm SL. Source: M.G. Bradbury, Fig.9, in Ho (2022) Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 10(1): 64 pp. License: CC by Attribution

A pale greyish batfish with a dusky reticulate pattern on the upperside around the principal tubercles.

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Galathea Deepsea Batfish, Halieutopsis galatea Bradbury 1988

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South of Ashmore Reef and Cartier Island in the Timor Sea, off Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs off Kenya, southwestern Madagascar and the Seychelles Bank.


Disk remarkably rounded with blunt rostrum; illicial cavity forming deep notch in anterior view; interorbital space narrow (11.7–12.4% SL); subopercular spine well developed..


The specific name is from the Greek Galatea; a sea-nymph in Ovid's story of Acis and Galatea. "It recalls the name of the vessel Galathea, which secured this specimen during the 1950-1952 expedition." 

Species Citation

Halieutopsis galatea Bradbury 1988, Fieldiana Zoology 44: 18, Figs. 2, 3D, 7. Type locality: Off Kenya, Indian Ocean, 4°00'S, 41°27'E, depth 1551 m.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Galathea Deepsea Batfish, Halieutopsis galatea Bradbury 1988


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37212023

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:370-1551 m

Habitat:Bathydemersal, continental slope

Max Size:9 cm SL

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